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The Golden Horseshoe Riding Club is free to join. We are a family Oriented Motorcycle Riding Club that uses the internet to communicate and focuses on enjoyment, friendship and riding motorcycles safely. The Golden Horseshoe R.C. is not an Internet club for Motorcycle Enthusiasts.  Our members are from Niagara, Hamilton, Toronto and all points in between. With chapters in Hamilton, Oakville, Niagara and our newest chapter in Burlington.

The Golden Horseshoe Riding Club is for everyone who enjoys riding with a club, policies are simple.

  • No Dues or Fees
  • Support your club as much as you can.
  • Respect other members and other clubs
  • At GHRC you will never be a number, we do not give out membership numbers, we use your name.

You do not have to join for your first ride, if you would like to continue riding you should consider joining to show your support. If you’re a proud member show your support by wearing the club patch.

The following link is to help riders understand the difference between RC & MC. Please take the time to read this, it is a great way to understand the differences. www.rcvsmc.net


Things that make the G.H.R.C. different than other clubs.

  1. The G.H.R.C. Was founded for those who want to belong to one club but be able to ride with other chapters and feel just as comfortable. For this reason, the G.H.R.C. works hard for all chapters to look like the one you rode with last week or yesterday. When you come to one of our Delphi forms you can find things just as easily as you did on our other forums.
  2. No numbers are used for members or chapters. We at the G.H.R.C. believe in using names not numbers as it should be when riding with friends. There is no seniority or cliques and all are welcome no matter what you ride or what your back ground is.
  3. The G.H.R.C. caps membership in each chapter and those caps will reflect the population of each town or city. We do this so people do not get lost in the shuffle as we believe less is more.
  4. We built this club like an old school riding club where we show each and everyone respect whether they belong to this club or another club we meet along the way. We expect our members to act like ambassadors to our club while they wear their G.H.R.C. patch. We support no other clubs be they RC or MC but we do stand with the O.C.C. (Ontario Confederation of Clubs).
  5. There is no cost to join the G.H.R.C. in fact we encourage prospective members to come out for a ride or two with us before deciding whether or not we are a fit for them and they for us. No member is required to wear the club patch but if you do chose to support the club by purchasing one it will not be held against you.
  6. The G.H.R.C. does support charities and for that reason we do 50/50 draws from time to time to raise money for the charity the chapter supports. The club as a whole supports the Lansdowne Ride in Brantford (normally mid May). Our members are free to post any rides they feel others may want to attend such as charity or just a last minute spur of the moment ride.
  7. From time to time the club will offer club swag for sale to members only. Our club logo is registered so only products set up by the President may show the logo be it in print or other wise.

I hope the next time someone asks you what makes our club different you will remember some of these things on the list.  I think the best part of this club is its members who make everyone feel comfortable and at home. Our members really do act and feel like they are family no matter what chapter you decide to ride with or join.  If you think this is a cookie cutter type club you would be wrong. We like to keep many things consistent but it’s the members who make a chapter, it’s the ride destinations that speak of the locations and the fact you can ride with any of them and feel welcome is what makes us unique.

Listen to Radio for Bikers by Bikers www.my-radio-rocks.radiojar.com.

The GHRC is a proud member of Ontario Confederation of Clubs.