GHRC CODE OF CONDUCT 2017-03-07T14:41:47+00:00


  1. Officers of the GHRC may be members of other riding club providing they are not competing clubs. This means, officers may belong to bike specific clubs only but cannot hold office in any other club. If it is found there is a conflict while being an officer of GHRC and a member of the other club, the officer will be asked to do one of the following, a) step down  as a GHRC officer or b) leave  the other club that is causing the conflict.
  2. GHRC Officers and Members are responsible for maintaining the public image of the club. No GHRC Officer or Member should commit any act that would make the club look bad to the general public.
  3. Complaints against any Officer or Member may be presented by any member, using the proper chain of command. All complaints against Regional Officers will be reviewed by club founders or their replacements if the founders have retired. All complaints against Officers or members will be reviewed by the Club founders or Regional Officers.

The chain of command is as follows:

  1. Chapter 2nd Officer
  2. Chapter First Officer
  3. Regional Officers
  4. Club Vice President or President

Any violation of the above will be reviewed by the officers of the Golden Horseshoe Riding Club. The accused Member or Officer may provide evidence on their behalf before a decision is made.

For grievances, any member may appeal the decision, if he/she feels the decision is incorrect if it is found there is a basis for the grievance. All decisions will be final.